“I am a massage snob.  It’s very difficult for me to find a therapist that I am willing to visit again due to their inability to follow my wishes.   Today was my second visit to Misty.  I adore her.  She has super-human knot-finding powers!  She’s very efficient, professional, and courteous.  She is very willing to get down to business and not attempt to strike up a conversation mid-massage.  She’s very in tune to her clients, noting when you’re warm or cold and adjusts the temperature without being asked.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services!” – Erin B

“Misty works magic! I would highly recommend booking a massage with her. I am a repeat customer and it is worth the money. She is attentive and responsive to my requests and complaints. She has recommended stretches to aid me with my aches and pains. She is kind and makes you feel very comfortable. If you are looking for a relaxing massage book with Misty.”  –Erin S

“Wonderful for acute pain. I came in for the first time on Friday, after waking up with a terrible migraine and neck pain. My therapist, Misty, was able to completely get rid of the headache and significantly reduce my neck and shoulder pain. I was very grateful.”  –EM

“Relaxing and Responsive- Misty is wonderful. She creates a calm and inviting atmosphere from the moment she meets you. She is responsive to any aches and pains that I tell her about and will spend special attention to those areas. I highly recommend scheduling a massage with her. I have never been let down and always leave feeling better. She is the best.” – E.S.

“Best massage to date- I have a chronic problem with carrying all my stress in my left shoulder. I typically tell massage therapists to avoid it because in the past it’s been too painful to face.  My most recent experience was the best to date! Misty was very attentive to my needs and gradually got me to the point that she could actually work on my problem area. It’s a miracle!” 🙂  –Ede

Misty was fantastic. I like high pressure and she delivered. It honestly felt like there were two people doing the massage. I’ll be coming back soon. –SB

“She’s an artist! I had the best massage of my life! It’s hard to describe exactly, but Misty’s hands were doing some sort of dance with my muscles. It was so flowing and firm and confident. She is gifted and seems to have technical expertise too. Highly recommend her.“  –K.H.

“Wonderful Massage! I have had massages before, but I walked in yesterday with one of my periodic headaches which detracts from everything. The place was quiet and clean, the bed was warm and Misty did an excellent job! I told her I had tension in the usual places – neck and shoulders – and that I had a headache. She made the headache go away AND most impressively found all sorts of other tight spots (thumb muscles, heels, etc.) I will be back.”  – Margaret W

“Wonderful experience! My massage from Misty was really helpful and relaxing. She does really well with listening to her clients issues, and applying it to triggering trouble areas. Looking forward to my next massage!” –Jen H

“Misty is fantastic! I received a deep tissue massage from Misty Ogle. She did an amazing job and was incredibly sensitive to my needs as her client. I have suffered from chronic pain and she truly gave me the relief I needed!  She takes her time with you, without rushing through an appointment to make sure that you are satisfied. Very pleased!”  –M.R.

“I can’t wait to go back! Misty was professional, knowledgeable, & friendly & I enjoyed my experience thoroughly! I would recommend her to friends/family & I hope to return soon.”  –VM 

“Fabulous massage! I recently had a massage with Misty. This was the best massage I have ever had and I will be returning. Misty’s massage was fabulous!!! Her techniques were different than what I had in the past which was seriuosly relaxing and offered major stress relief. She provided just enough pressure without going over board and her foot massage is to die for!!! I have already been recommending her!! Kudos to my husband for the Mother’s Day gift!!”   –LaToya G

“Fantastic! Misty’s hands are like music. I feel so relaxed, & peaceful when she is done. She is truly amazing. I walk out feeling GREAT!”  –Rebecca R

“I had a wonderful massage with Misty this week. This is my fifth time seeing her and I will be back. She is attentive to the needs of her clients and makes sure to ask about problem spots. I highly recommend her!”  –KM

“Misty’s massage is excellent.  Read my body very well. Her reflexology was amazing and very accurate in pinpointing areas of concern. I left feeling great. Will definitely return. Thanks…” –Patrick Waters

“Misty was amazing. Had seriously tight IT band, which is often painful to have massaged, but her techniques made it much more bearable. She knew exactly what she was doing.” – Jena G.

“Very nice massage! Misty did a great job getting my back to loosen up. She worked on the areas that I had specified and was very professional and nice overall. I’m considering a whole hour now instead of the 30 mins I started out with.” – B.C.

“$40 monthly special for an hour massage, you can’t beat this price! The masseuse (Misty Ogle) I’ve been seeing is fantastic and really strong. Deep tissue is my total favorite and the pressure can be adjusted per the client request. Very hard to get in so a bit more planning is involved but well worth it. Definitely recommend drinking a lot of water before and after.” – Lisa C.

“Misty was awesome!! Was looking for a short massage, focused on my back, and she did that perfectly! The ambiance was great, and I will definitely be going back!” – Beth N.

“Amazing massage! After my hour long session with Misty, I felt super relaxed & she definitely worked out any knots/kinks I had. The entire experience was great! Appointments are super easy to make & very punctual. She takes care of everything from the minute you walk in. Definitely recommended!” – Wendy Yuan

“I have seen Misty 3 times for 60 minute massages and have always been satisfied. I would recommend Misty Ogle to my friends. I also enjoy the heated beds and calm atmosphere.” – Jessica Aiuto

“I recently got a massage from Misty and it was a fantastic experience. The atmosphere is serene. My massages have been very rejuvenating and relaxing; they put a whole new outlook on my week. I am making it a point to go back at least once per month from now on. I tend to have tightness in my upper led/quad area. Misty found this and worked on it gently until the tension was gone – usually a tall order since this area can be so tender that any pressure at all will cause me to jump.” – David W